Friday, November 9, 2007

Veterans Day Weekend

Andrew and I are looking forward to the three-day weekend.

Tonight, after work, Andrew and I will head straight to MSP to pick up Andrew’s middle brother, who is coming home for the long weekend. We will collect him and return to Andrew’s parents’ house, where we will all have a late dinner. Andrew’s father is scheduled to arrive at MSP this afternoon, and he should be home, settling in, by late afternoon.

Tomorrow, in the late morning, we will all go to the airport to collect Andrew’s older brother and his family, who will remain in Minneapolis for the next two weeks, through Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll take them home and have a wonderful Saturday, watching football games and playing with Andrew’s nephew and eating some of the food Andrew’s mother has prepared.

On Sunday, we will celebrate, on a delayed basis, Andrew’s nephew’s second birthday. We plan to give him a birthday celebration. This will be the first birthday for him for which he is old enough to have a celebration, and it should be lots of fun. I can already see him excitedly running around his grandmother’s kitchen with his new toys. I can’t wait.

On Monday, Andrew’s brothers and I will play basketball and go swimming. Otherwise, we will just hang around the house until evening, when Andrew and I will take his middle brother back to MSP for his flight home. He will not be gone long, because he is coming back on Friday evening.

After that, Andrew and I will go back to our apartment for the rest of the week. This will allow Andrew’s parents to have exclusive access to their grandson for four days.

We have four Minnesota Opera tickets to Rossini’s “L’Italiana In Algeri” for next Thursday night, and we are not sure who is going to make use of them. Between Andrew’s parents, and Andrew’s sister-in-law, and Andrew and me, someone will want to make use of the tickets. I suspect that Andrew’s father will opt to stay home that night, and spend the evening with his oldest son and grandson.


  1. Have a terrific weekend with your second family, Joshua!


  2. J.R., I hope you have a swell weekend, too!