Friday, November 16, 2007

A Most Pleasant Surprise!

When Andrew and I returned home tonight from “L’Italiana In Algeri”, our inboxes were full of messages: from my Dad, from my brother, from Andrew’s Dad, from Andrew’s brothers, from friends.

The messages were all the same: Oregon was falling to Arizona!

Before tonight, I did not even know that Oregon had a Thursday night game this week. Andrew and I have been too busy at work to pay attention to such things.

Since Andrew and I do not have a television, we followed the remainder of the game on and


This means that the Sooners will move up, again, in the B.C.S. standings.

The Sooners’ fate is now in their own hands. The Sooners will definitely be in the national title game if they win out. The Sooners no longer have to count on any other teams to lose.

Now, take care of business, Sooners! If you do, the national title—the second this decade—will come back to Oklahoma!

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