Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Great Football Day

Andrew and I worked on cleaning his mother’s kitchen today and tonight so that we could watch college football games while we worked.

This worked out exceptionally well, because today and tonight featured the best games of the season thus far. We were in a state of elation most of the day. Even Andrew’s mother joined us in our excitement.

The dog would bark whenever we would shout and whoop, and then he would jump up on us. He thought we wanted to stop working and play with him. So we did.

Iowa 28
Northwestern 17

When we departed for the airport early this afternoon, Iowa was playing poorly and trailing 14-0. Andrew’s father was disgusted. When we returned from the airport, the score was 14-14. Northwestern scored a field goal to take a 17-14 lead, but Iowa scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win. Andrew’s father will be pleased, but he is probably over France about now and won’t learn that Iowa won the game until his plane lands in Zurich. He will be pleased.

Iowa State 31
Kansas State 20

Iowa State finally won a game, and Andrew’s brother in Denver finally has something to celebrate. We were all talking to him on the phone and sending IM’s back and forth throughout the game. The excitement emanating from Denver was palpable.

Oklahoma 42
Texas A & M 14

The Sooners continue to contend for a spot in the National Championship Game. They defeated a very good A & M team today and looked like the best team in the country (which I think they are).

Kansas 76
Nebraska 39

Everyone from Oklahoma instinctively hates the Huskers. It is an innate statewide trait. It is always a great day whenever Nebraska gets embarrassed. And 76 points? OUCH! There will be a new coach in Lincoln soon.

Florida State 27
Boston College 17

Normally I could care less about the Seminoles and the Eagles. However, today Oklahoma needed Boston College to lose in order for Oklahoma to move up in the BCS standings. Boston College lost, and Oklahoma will now move ahead of the Eagles in the BCS standings.

Texas 38
Oklahoma State 35

The Cowboys had a 35-14 lead going into the fourth quarter, and it looked like the game was over. And the Cowboys relaxed. And lost on a last-second field goal. The Texas comeback was probably a fluke. Nevertheless, the Cowboys demonstrated that they are back as a force to reckon with, ready for the big-time.

Illinois 44
Minnesota 17

Well. . .

Did anyone really think the Golden Gophers were going to win in the first place?

Besides, I bet the halftime show was good . . .if anyone stayed to watch it.


  1. Josh:

    These sport teams all seem very foreign to me.

    I guess, I'm just not an athletic person. The only game I like to watch is Italian soccer.

    Make this week the best ever!!!


  2. Hey, J.R.

    Well, Iowa is Andrew's father's team. Iowa State is Andrew's middle brother's team. Oklahoma is my primary team. Oklahoma State is my secondary team. Minnesota is the team for all of us, but I don't know why we even bother. The Golden Gophers always seem to lose.

    We watch college football and college basketball, religiously, but that is about it. We don't watch pro sports at all, not even the local pro teams.

    Andrew used to watch tennis constantly, never missing a tournament, major or minor, but he stopped watching tennis, he says, about the time he started law school. He has not picked up watching it again.

    We don't watch soccer, as a general rule, but perhaps we should. I know nothing about Italian soccer and I don't even know if it is carried on television here.

    We are sure to have a good week. It may not be the best week ever, but it will be a good one, I am sure.

    I hope your week is a great one. You probably will be busy, packing for our trip next summer to Akron, Ohio.

    Please keep in mind that formal attire is required for tours of the Goodyear Tire Factory--and this formal dress requirement is strictly enforced!


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  4. I'm most looking forward to it!

    I'll commision the retired Yves Saint Laurent to design traveling suits for me and you and Andrew.

    Imagine the wide-eyed stares and dropped jaws of the locals!


  5. We'll make an unforgettable impression on the good citizens of Akron! They may even present us with the key to the city!