Sunday, December 12, 2010

A White-Trash Psycho At Work

Iowa Men’s Basketball coach Fran McCaffery, photographed in reprehensible action during the Iowa/Iowa State game in Iowa City on 10 December 2010.

Any reasonable sports fan would vomit if the head coach of his favorite team carried on like this—and such sports fan would not long remain a fan.

Having witnessed McCaffery’s antics, I now fully understand why tiny Grinnell College in nearby Grinnell, Iowa, has a larger endowment than the endowment of the University Of Iowa.

I have a question for Sally Mason, President of the University Of Iowa, as well as Gary Barta, Athletic Director of the University Of Iowa:

What do you think outsiders think of your university when you hire persons such as Fran McCaffery?

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  1. McCaffery's an embarrassment to the game. You should hear what Izzo has to say about the Iowa program.