Saturday, December 6, 2008

On Edge

As threatened, Andrew and I put up a Christmas tree today.

We don’t have much room, so we erected it in the only possible place: right inside the front door, next to the wall divider that separates our living room from our kitchen. We can see the tree from anywhere in the living room or kitchen, but we have to be cautious when opening the front door!

We went out and selected the tree this morning, and brought it home. Then we immediately went out again to buy a tree stand, as well as a set of twinkling lights, Christmas bulbs and tinsel.

We spent all afternoon decorating the tree—and vacuuming needles that had disbursed themselves all over the living room.

The project was worth our time and trouble. The tree is very cheerful. It lends a glow to our tiny apartment. It also puts us in a proper frame of mind for the holidays.

The evergreen smell is welcome, too.

Next Friday is my last day of classes. I shall be home for the twelve days between end of classes and our departure for the holidays, so I will be able to enjoy the tree during the day while Andrew is at work. I shall use that time to study for my exams, which get under way in January.

Late this afternoon and this evening, Andrew and I did something silly: we stuffed and baked a small turkey. Somehow it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the tree and the onset of the holidays. We didn’t get carried away with all sorts of other holiday foods, but we DID prepare mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, fresh carrots and white corn, along with cranberries. For dessert, we ate Christmas cookies we bought at a bakery. Perhaps we should have picked up some eggnog, too.

Tomorrow we plan to do our Christmas shopping, and we plan to do it from home. It may take us all day, but by tomorrow night we hope to have gifts picked out and purchased for everyone, with all shipping arrangements negotiated. This will save us from having to trek gifts with us to Oklahoma and Minnesota.

We hope everyone is looking forward to a new pair of socks!

Still no new baby—it’s now past due, and everyone is on edge.

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