Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"New Girl In Town"

There’s a new girl in town!

(Well, at least in Minneapolis.)

She arrived a few days behind schedule, she chose the middle of the night for her arrival, and she weighs only 7 pounds 3 ounces, but she’s definitely here!

Of course, we haven’t seen her yet, but we already know she’s a keeper!


  1. Congratulations to Uncle Joshua!


  2. Thank you, Dane. I appreciate it.

    A new baby is a big deal, and I’m excited, and Andrew’s excited. Everybody’s excited.

    I’m glad it’s a girl. I’m looking forward to having a niece. I’m told she’s beautiful, and I’m certain she IS beautiful, because all babies are beautiful. I can’t wait to hold her and feed her her bottle.

    I always read your comments on Andrew’s blog. I have little to offer in the realm of music other than the concert band repertory, most of which I have played (high school bands are big in Oklahoma, and not just marching bands), but I enjoy reading your comments.

    If Andrew were alone, he would go to far more concerts and recitals. I have a limited appetite for concerts and recitals. Andrew is willing to attend far more concerts and recitals than I am willing to attend. There are a lot of string quartet recitals in Boston, and a lot of voice recitals, and piano recitals, and violin recitals, but I am not up to attending many of those.

    Boston has a local presenter of visiting artists, and Andrew is interested in almost all of this year’s visiting artists, and I am interested in almost none of this year’s visiting artists. If you look at the season schedule (google “Boston Celebrity Series”), I think we will probably attend the concert by the London Symphony and the concert by the visiting Russian orchestra, but we may not go to anything else.

    I think we are interested in only two Boston Symphony subscription concerts for the rest of the season, the week with Dutoit and the week with Temirkanov. All in all, I don’t think we have a lot of concert-going on our horizon. In any case, we always have to schedule things around my study load, which is hard to predict in advance.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know I never get into music discussions on Andrew’s blog, but I always read them.

    And I appreciate your kind comments on my blog on this notable day!


  3. Josh,

    I read your blog and Andrew's blog almost every day and always enjoy the posts and the comments.

    Sometimes I embarrass myself by what I publish on Andrew's blog: I misspelled the accusative form of the Latin word "homo" last week, for instance, writing "homonem" as opposed to "hominem". I know better. But I've done worse things. Andrew is always so kind to ignore these errors.

    I presume that the study load for the first year of law school is the most grueling. I understand how you might not be able to post as frequently as Andrew (I honestly don't know how HE finds the time, either).

    I wish you continuing success.