Thursday, October 9, 2008


My first-term break will begin after the conclusion of tomorrow’s classes. Classes will resume on Monday, October 20.

I am more than ready for a break.

Late tomorrow afternoon, Andrew and I will drive down to New York, where we will spend the long holiday weekend. We will stay with Andrew’s brother and his family. Andrew’s parents and his other brother will fly in from Minneapolis for the weekend, too.

We all plan to pitch in and help Alec and Lizbeth pack boxes and other things for their move to Minneapolis.

On Monday night, Andrew and I will return to Boston and Andrew’s brother will return to Minneapolis. However, Andrew’s parents will remain in New York for a few days, continuing to help Alec and Lizbeth prepare for their move.

On Friday morning, Andrew’s parents will take the train from New York up to Boston and join Andrew and me for the weekend.

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