Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Break From Study

I was able to take a break from study yesterday because Andrew and I were invited to his boss’s house for dinner last night.

I had not met Andrew’s boss until last night, and neither of us had met Andrew’s boss’s wife until last night. They were gracious and welcoming hosts, and Andrew and I stayed until almost 11:00 p.m., watching college football games on television and visiting. It was a lovely evening. I liked them very much.

I have not bothered to try to follow college football this season. I have deliberately ignored it, knowing that—if I allow myself to express any interest at all—I risk submitting to my natural tendency to devote most of every Saturday to college football, and not to my work. I cannot allow myself to do that.

My life is one-dimensional at present. I study, devotedly, and do little else. Law school is demanding, and the first year is the most demanding of all.

Andrew knows what I am going through because he has gone through the same experience himself. He is sympathetic and supportive, and a source of invaluable advice. He has shouldered all household burdens, and seems to have no problem with that.

If I were in Boston by myself, I think I would have become depressed by now.

I am glad I am not alone.


  1. The first year is the worst, and the first semester is the worst of all.

    You'll get through it just fine.

  2. Thanks, Paul.

    I am suffering from fifth-week doldrums.