Friday, January 4, 2008

We Have The Dog For The Weekend

Andrew and I have the dog this weekend, since Andrew’s parents are in Washington, D.C., until Monday.

He was in our apartment when we arrived home from work today, dropped off by Andrew’s parents on their way to the airport.

He was glad to see us, jumping up on us and licking our faces and ears (he loves to lick ears).

Andrew and I changed our clothes and took him out for a long walk around the neighborhood. He loved it. After he had had his exercise, we returned home and we are going to prepare dinner soon.

We have all kinds of food in store, just for him. We have stewing meat for tonight, which we will cut up into tiny pieces for him. He will enjoy that very much. We have a hambone for tomorrow, which we will boil and give to him. That will occupy him for a couple of hours. We have his chicken for Sunday.

Otherwise, he will get his daily bowl of Science Diet. He will also get some table food, because he will insist upon it. He won’t starve.

Andrew and I will take him to the park a couple of times tomorrow and on Sunday and romp around with him. He will like that.

Otherwise, Andrew and I plan to catch up on our reading this weekend, and listen to music, and catch up on some other things that need attention.


  1. Thanks, J.R.

    It has been nice to have a quiet weekend at home. We have enjoyed it very much.

    It has been fun having the dog for the weekend, too, although from every corner of our small apartment we can hear him breathe--and see his tongue stick out, which it seems to do much of the time. His tongue is enormous.

    Andrew goes up to him and mimics Little Red Riding Hood: "My, what big ears you have" and "My, what big teeth you have" and "My, what a big tongue you have".

    The dog seems to enjoy it.

    I think it is hysterical.

    I also think Andrew needs to get some psychiatric assistance!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. Ha ha ha, I love it!

    I'm picturing Andrew as Little Red Riding Hood:

    I bet, he is far more cuter and adorable than the real Red Riding Hood!

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


  3. It is cute.

    However, I still say that Andrew needs to get psychiatric assistance.

  4. Andrew also goes up to the dog and says "I see that your nose is wet--AGAIN! What's your secret? Do you have little bowls of water hidden all over the room? I think we need to discuss this moisture issue."

    Like I said, I think Andrew needs psychiatric assistance.

  5. This blogger stuff is so irritating.

    Andrew and I have to keep logging in and logging out since we only have one computer at home.

    It is a real pain.

  6. Plus there is something wrong with blogger today.

    Andrew could not get on your blog earlier today, and we cannot get on my blog's main page right now (but we can get on my blog via individual pages, but individual pages only). It is really weird.

    However, Andrew's blog seems to be working perfectly OK.

  7. The dog is probably just overexcited and giddy to spend time with Andrew and you.

    And, of course, after the holidays when the family have dispersed, we humans can get so very affectionate--let alone a dog!


  8. Yeah, Blogger is cursed today.

    When will they ever update their old fashion ways?

  9. Yeah, he really likes lots of attention and affection.

    And we still cannot get on my main blog page. I have no idea what's up.