Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking Forward To A Quiet Weekend

I think Andrew and I will have a quiet couple of days at home again this weekend.

We enjoyed our quiet weekend at home last weekend, our first such weekend in over two months, and we look forward to another one this weekend. We will be able to catch up on things, and do some reading, and rest up.

Next weekend, we have a guest coming for the three-day weekend: one of Andrew’s law school classmates. It will be his first visit to Minnesota, and we will take him around and show him the highlights of the Twin Cities. Among other things, we will take him to see Minnesota play Michigan State on Sunday afternoon in a nationally-televised game. We hope it will prove to be another classic Tubby Smith-Tom Izzo match-up, along the lines of the memorable Kentucky-Michigan State 2005 Regional Final. We are all looking forward to it.

The only other item on the schedule for January is Andrew’s middle brother’s birthday, which falls on the 27th. He may come home that weekend, so we are keeping our calendar for that weekend completely open.


  1. Have fun at home, Josh!

    I think my agenda this weekend also spells home. I am spending it by myself and listening to plenty of Traviata and Brahms and Hadyn.

    Idyllic. Peaceful.


  2. Nothing wrong with a quiet weekend at home, J.R.

    How was "La Traviata" last night? Andrew and I are eager to hear what you thought about the performance.

    We've been listening to music, too. Our current six discs are Handel (Ode For Saint Cecilia's Day), Beethoven (piano sonatas), Mendelssohn (string quartets), Bruckner (Symphony No. 5), Ligeti (the Hamburg Concerto and other works) and "Crazy For You", a Broadway musical neither of us has seen, with a score assembled from different Gershwin shows.

    Enjoy your weekend, and the Verdi, Brahms and Haydn.