Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Coming Weekend

Andrew and I will spend this coming weekend at Andrew’s parents’ house, because Andrew’s brother from Denver is coming home for the weekend. He is coming home so that we can help him celebrate his 30th birthday.

Andrew’s mother will pick him up at the airport tomorrow afternoon, and he will be home, settled in, by the time Andrew’s father and Andrew and I arrive home from work.

I don’t think we will do much this weekend, because it has been brutally cold. Spending time outside is not rewarding in this kind of weather.

Tomorrow night, I think Andrew’s mother has Italian food planned for dinner. She makes a type of lasagna with chicken and vegetables that is one of Andrew’s brother’s favorites, and I think that will be on the menu tomorrow night. She is also talking about making veal parmigiana as a second course, because Andrew’s brother likes that very much, too.

On Saturday, I think we will go out and play basketball and swim in the morning, but otherwise we will probably just hang around the house, eating and playing with the dog and watching college basketball games on television. The Golden Gophers are on the road this weekend, so there is no home Minnesota game to attend. This is regrettable, because Andrew’s brother would love to be able to go to a game while he is home.

It will not surprise me if we have steak for dinner on Saturday night.

Sunday is Andrew’s brother’s birthday, and we will give him his birthday gifts on Sunday, and have a special birthday dinner in his honor Sunday night. I know that Andrew’s mother will make homemade butter noodles for him for his birthday dinner, and I suspect that he will want to have roast chicken and stuffing that night, too. I am betting that he will want a German chocolate cake for his birthday.


  1. Enjoy the festivities, Josh!

    And a happy birthday to Andrew's brother.


  2. Thank you, J.R.

    We had a good time.

    Hope you had a good weekend, too.