Monday, January 28, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

We all gave Andrew’s brother a good birthday celebration this weekend.

You only turn 30 once, and we made sure he had a wonderful birthday weekend.

Andrew’s brother decided that he did not want a German chocolate cake. Instead, he wanted a coconut-pineapple cake, made from fresh coconut and fresh pineapple, and Andrew’s mother made him one yesterday afternoon, with everyone helping her.

The cake was exceptional, as was his special birthday dinner last night. Andrew’s brother was treated to a weekend filled with lots of excellent food, lots of attention, lots of activity and lots of love. It’s too bad he had to go back to Denver this morning.

For his birthday, he received three books on military history, two military documentary DVD’s, an exceedingly handsome briefcase and a cashmere sweater of the highest quality. I think he was pleased with everything.

The dog didn’t give him anything! Not even a dime paperback novel! That worthless bum!

Things are busy at work for both Andrew and me, and neither of us sees any letup. It was good, therefore, that we were able to devote the weekend to helping Andrew’s brother celebrate his birthday.

We’ll see him again in the middle of February.


  1. Hmm, a coconut and pineapple cake!

    Sounds divine. That cashmere sweater, too!

    Take it easy at work, Josh.


  2. The cake was stunning, J.R.

    Hope you are taking it easy, too.