Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Good Rolodex Is Always Helpful . . .

A good Rolodex is always helpful, and the words of a man of high probity and high integrity and high reputation are always given great weight.

This afternoon, six minutes after Andrew’s father telephoned an executive of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the newspaper made an alteration on its website.

One “Mina Fisher”, who had submitted a guest editorial to the Star Tribune, had been identified by the newspaper only as a “music teacher”. Only after Andrew’s father telephoned the newspaper executive and noted that such a conspicuous misrepresentation of Fisher’s genuine identity—totally misleading and totally unacceptable—had remained on the newspaper website, uncorrected, for over 23 hours, did the Star Tribune make the following alteration regarding Fisher’s identity:

“Mina Fisher, of Minneapolis, is a music teacher” was amended to become “Mina Fisher, of Minneapolis, is a music teacher, arts manager and retired cellist of the Minnesota Orchestra. She can be reached at”

The significance of the final sentence in the amended identification, made on the newspaper’s own volition, signifies that the newspaper—perhaps as an act of contrition—is now tipping off its readers that Fisher, because of her association with sossaveosmo, is nothing more than an all-around, all-purpose nut.

Andrew’s father said he knew the newspaper would do the right thing once the matter was brought to the attention of an appropriate executive—and Andrew’s father, as always, was right.

Six minutes . . .

I’d say that’s a pretty quick response.

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