Saturday, July 6, 2013

Concert Hall Of The Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center

The concert hall of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center in Saint Paul.

I dislike the hall intensely.

The hall is cramped, and exceedingly unattractive. It may be the most unattractive and most unpleasant concert space I have ever experienced.

At the Daniil Trifonov recital, three rows of chairs circled the back of the stage, leaving very little room for Trifonov and his piano—and concert-goers occupying the stage seats were virtually breathing down Trifonov’s neck. I do not understand how Trifonov managed to perform under such conditions.

Not only are the Twin Cities home to one of the world’s ugliest concert halls, they are also home to one of the world’s ugliest theaters. The McGuire Theatre at The Walker Art Center is an aesthetic horror.

Minneapolis/Saint Paul is one of the global centers of bad design and bad architecture. I cannot think of another city I have visited in which design and architecture are so undistinguished.

In Houston, there is great design and great architecture everywhere the eye turns.

Why is Houston a design-and-architectural Mecca, and Minneapolis/Saint Paul a design-and-architectural wasteland?

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