Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bloomington Civic Theatre

Bloomington Civic Theatre’s state-of-the-art facility for the presentation of musicals, the Schneider Theater.

I cannot explain why Bloomington Civic Theatre uses two different spellings of the word, “theater”, for its various facilities (just as I cannot explain why Minneapolis’s Theater In The Round suddenly became Theatre In The Round sometime during the last year). In the United States, the word, “theater”, in all its uses and forms, should always be spelled “theater”; no other rule makes sense.

It is convenient for us to go over to Bloomington to catch BCT’s shows; we attend fairly often. BCT’s productions of musicals are generally presented to a very high standard, and they often sell out. We have seen some very good things at BCT.

One thing we very much like about BCT: the company uses a full orchestra of professional musicians for its productions. No watered-down orchestrations are used, no synthesizers are used, no electronic amplification is used, no soundboard technician is responsible for mixing and balancing the sound.

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