Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Startling Shock On His Wedding Day

A Scandinavian classical musician, somewhat well-known (more so in Europe than the U.S.), who very, very, very recently got married, suffered a startling shock on his wedding day: someone posted on a pornographic website numerous photographs of him doing things with numerous males that normal heterosexual men do not do.

I was alerted to this by a recent comment on an earlier post, a comment I deleted because it provided a direct link to a pornographic website.

The commenter knew all the details of the musician’s wedding—a wedding still not made public, although Andrew was able to ascertain via a couple of phone calls that the information provided by the commenter with reference to the wedding was indeed accurate—and the commenter seemed to thrive on what happened to the musician on his wedding day.

My instinct tells me that whoever commented on my weblog was the very person responsible for taking the photographs of the musician, perhaps surreptitiously, and submitting them to the pornographic website.

My instinct also tells me that whoever gave or sold the photographs to the pornographic website was a current or former paid escort of the musician and is among the men (there are many men in the photographs, often in groupings, all “interacting” with the musician) who appear in the photographs.

Further, my instinct tells me that whoever commented on my weblog also notified the about-to-be-married musician of the existence and release of the photographs, deliberately unleashed and published on the musician’s wedding day.

Unless blackmail—a criminal act—is involved, the musician is without recourse. The pornographic website is in Russia, and not subject to European Union privacy laws and not subject to private, involuntary legal action within the European Union.

The musician, theoretically, could go to Russia and sue, but it would surely be too embarrassing for him to do so—and would certainly constitute a career-killing move, even if he could obtain some sort of recovery, a very unlikely prospect.

Update on 25 August 2012 at 1:34 p.m. CDT:

I probably should add that there are additional considerations that, as a practical matter, preclude the unidentified musician from seeking lawful recourse.

On at least two occasions (and perhaps a third, and even fourth), the musician was escorted out of Russia because of possession of an unlawful substance. Had the musician not had a very powerful Russian musician as his protector, he probably would have been prosecuted in Russia’s criminal courts.

Further, a celebrated incident involving the unidentified musician occurred at Saint Petersburg’s Ambassador Hotel. The musician had invited several male guests to the hotel to perform services for him, at the conclusion of which there was an unpleasant payment dispute, with the result that law-enforcement authorities were called in to address the situation.

Whoever gave or sold the photographs to the Russian pornographic website no doubt was aware of such past incidents—and knew that the incidents would be an effective bar to the pursuit of legal remedies on the part of the musician.

The unidentified musician holds a minor official post with a leading Russian musical organization. His June 2012 scheduled appearances with that organization were mysteriously cancelled at the last minute by the Russians themselves—and he has been assigned no performances for the 2012-2013 season, despite his official affiliation with the organization. It will be the first time in years the musician will not appear with the Russian body.


  1. Who wore more lipstick: the bride or the groom?

    And how did they hide Nikolaj Znaider’s cocaine sores when they took the wedding pictures? Five layers of pancake makeup? Six? Seven?

    And was Znaider’s knocked-up sister part of the wedding party? Or has she already dropped?

    I want answers!

    The public has a right to know!

    (I assume the groom in question must be Nikolaj Znaider, notorious for his use of male hustlers, everywhere from Melbourne to Milwaukee. But, if not, please ignore.)

  2. I’m not really a jerk, even if I come across that way. I’m just having fun. I’m a good guy, really. A little drunk tonight.

    I would like to add that I apologize if this post is not about Nikolaj Znaider. But who else can it be about?

    I get the feeling you know a lot more about Nikolaj Znaider than you are letting on. Are you being fed information by some insider?

    I can find no information, anywhere, about Nikolaj Znaider getting married. I assume you know what you’re talking about. You seem pretty measured in what you say. But I can find no information, anywhere on the internet, confirming what you say about Nikolaj Znaider recently getting married. This is the only place on the internet that reveals that fact.

    Somehow, I believe you. Makes no sense. But I do believe you.

  3. Without in any way suggesting that this particular post is about Nikolaj Znaider, I can state, with authority, that Znaider very, very, very recently got married.

  4. The funny part is that he has to pay to see those awful pictures of himself! Putting money into the pocket of some Russian porn czar running a pay website in order to see himself!

    Can life get any lower?

  5. Nikolaj Znaider is not married. Your claim that Nikolaj Znaider recently got married is pure horseshit. I performed an exhaustive search and came up with nothing about Nikolaj Znaider being married. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.

    Nikolaj Znaider is gay. Everyone knows that Nikolaj Znaider is gay. Nikolaj Znaider is not now and never has been married.

  6. Znaider recently married, I assure you.

  7. Alexander Berlin will be busy this week. Znaider is in New York.

    Alexander Berlin is Znaider’s favorite male escort in New York. Alexander is tall. Znaider, a tall guy himself, can’t get off unless he has another tall guy pitch him. That’s why he uses Alexander (not his real name) the most.

    Znaider is a lousy tipper.

    Actually, that’s not quite true. Truth is, Znaider is no tipper at all. He’s a cheapskate.

    And not very clean. And he has bad breath, like most coke addicts do.

    Znaider’s eyes cross when he . . . uh . . . comes. They really, REALLY cross, like you would not believe. That always bugged me out.

    The things we do for money . . .

  8. Znaider's weird. No one liked him at Juilliard. He got expelled. Some criminal thing. Miss DeLay did not like him, which didn't help his cause.

    He liked to suck. Boy, did he like to suck. Pity the woman who married him.

  9. Znaider's wife is a beard and a dog.

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