Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Now that my bar exam is over, Andrew shall have to find some new subject about which to tweet.

I had hoped I might receive a nice gift to celebrate my completion of the Minnesota Bar Exam, but my hopes were to be dashed.

My preferred gift was a Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish, issued in 1913 to mark the 25th anniversary of Kaiser Wilhelm’s ascension to the Hohenzollern throne.

Every household should have at least one Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish—and a matching pair, if possible.

Made of the finest Dresden china with fine pierced trim, the Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish depicts the Kaiser and Kaiserin and German national eagle, all portrayed in vibrant if not radiant color.

For weeks, I had been dropping countless hints about my wish for a Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish . . . but no one presented me with a Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish yesterday.

I’ll have to carry on somehow without one—and try to contain my bitter disappointment.

Perhaps a trip to Britain next week will help me cope with my woe.


  1. That nut dish would have made a fine gift, indeed, Josh. I noticed this morning, however, that there was one glorious pewter Lyov Nikolayevitch Myshkin / Parfyon Semyonovitch Rogozhin nut dish, with a purported engraved signature of Dostoyevsky, on sale at E-bay for only $2.99 - a genuine steal, particualrly as the colors seem so brilliant on this item; while it certainly would not replace the Kaiser Wilhelm nut dish, I think it would serve as an even more interesting conversation piece . . .

    Oops . . .

    Sorry, Josh, someone just bought the pewter Lyov Nikolayevitch Myshkin / Parfyon Semyonovitch Rogozhin nut dish. I had so wanted to sent it to you. I'm crushed. Or is it "cracked."

  2. Wow, would you settle for a solid gold Alec Baldwin nut dish?

    Congrats on completing your bar exam. I'm sure you scored in the upper one per cent.

  3. I'm really sorry I missed out on that great deal on ebay this morning. Lucky buyer!

    An Alec Baldwin nut dish is somehow appropriate, since Alec Baldwin is a nut.