Sunday, May 29, 2011

Packing Things Up, Wrapping Things Up

Andrew and I are packing things up, and wrapping things up.

We plan to pack our computers tonight. We will be offline at least until Friday.

Andrew and I are not unhappy to leave Boston, but people here have been very good to us. We have no complaints.

One regret: we never made a series of exhaustive visits to the Museum Of Fine Arts in order to undertake a comprehensive examination of its collections. That project will have to wait until another time.

Another regret: the Harvard museums have been closed for extensive renovations our entire time in Boston.

Otherwise, we have experienced Boston about as much as we wanted to. Some things about the city make it a very attractive place, and other things about the city make it a very unappealing place.

Will we miss anything about Boston? There is nothing about Boston I will miss. Large American cities are more or less alike—and Minneapolis is much cleaner and much more prosperous than Boston, and the people in Minneapolis are, by and large, much friendlier and much more courteous than the people of Boston.

We look forward to going home.

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