Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frightfully Busy

Andrew and I have been frightfully busy these last many weeks. I do not think we have ever been so busy.

Andrew is busy wrapping things up at work. I am busy wrapping things up at school. We are both busy preparing for our move back to Minneapolis. We are both busy helping everyone make travel plans for my graduation (assuming I don’t flunk out at the last minute). I am busy completing preliminary bar exam submissions.

Everything is hitting us at once. We are on the verge of being overwhelmed.

After convincing ourselves for more than two years that we have been happy in our tiny apartment—and we HAVE been happy, but not because of the apartment—and that we were thriving in cozy living quarters, we are both looking forward to an escape from low ceilings and a single window. A return to spacious living quarters will be welcome.

We haven’t a clue where we shall live once we return to Minnesota. We cannot worry about that until we are back home. For the first few weeks, we shall have to live with Andrew’s parents—if they can stand us.

If not, they can shove us off on an assortment of relatives.

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