Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Frightening Than The Hamburg Firestorm

More frightening than the Hamburg firestorm is this conspicuous example of genetics gone haywire, chromosomes gone awry.

Whatever might possess a person to publish, proudly, such a revolting photograph of himself? It boggles the mind and perplexes the soul. Does not this person have any friends or family members who might advise him how ridiculous, if not outright appalling, he looks?

I believe it may be assumed, with confidence, that this most disagreeable and disagreeable-looking person does not have a rewarding life path before him.

We live in a nation of morons.


  1. You sure come up with some good ones.

    Am I safe in assuming this fool is not a Republican?

  2. With some confidence, I think I can say "definitely not".

    Your sacred Spartans lost to the Nittany Lions.

    Sorry, but I had to mention that.

  3. That's Marc Geelhoed, who lives in Chicago. He used to be a stringer. Now he has a low-paying job with the Chicago Symphony marketing the orchestra's in-house recordings. He's a total POS.

  4. I arrived here via google search for "Marc Geelhoed ugly". I'm laughing my head off.

    There are lots and lots of search results for "Marc Geelhoed ugly". Must be a popular search.

    And it is a fact. Marc Geelhoed is indeed ugly.

    What's that line from a Sondheim song? "Does anyone still wear a hat?"

    Well, Marc Geelhoed does.

    A very ugly hat.

    Seems appropriate.

    Given the circumstances.

  5. This is too good. There are 20,100 google search results for "Marc Geelhoed ugly", and I think that is funny. Geelhoed is ugly.

    He's a strange guy. People at the Chicago Symphony don't like him, which is easy to understand. He's the most defensive person I've ever met, very unpleasant to deal with and very peculiar. I think he might benefit from some therapy.

    The root of his problem is that he is not very intelligent, and he attempts to overcompensate by acting like a know-it-all. I don't think he'll last at the Chicago Symphony.

  6. Yikes! He looks like Cat Woman! Did he have bad plastic surgery? Sure looks it. Bad teeth. Sweaty, swarthy face. Unhealthy complexion. He has one of the ugliest brows I’ve ever seen. And those cat eyes are glassy and lifeless. And, really . . . I don’t understand the hat.

    Total troll.

  7. This is hysterical. Marc Geelhoed is nothing more than a sleazy dirtball. Total hillbilly white trash from Indiana, as is his whole family. His brother, Steve Geelhoed, is a renowned lover of weed at the University of Michigan. Total pothead. Give this whole stinky Geelhoed outfit a wide pass is my advice!

  8. Marc Geelhoed is just a troubled weirdo, nothing more, nothing less. He's not worth anyone's time.

    He knows he is unattractive. He talks about not being able to attract sex partners. That's his problem, not uncommon for unattractive people.

    Like I said, just one more troubled weirdo, far from the only one.

    It's best to ignore troubled weirdos.

  9. Marc Geelhoed quite definitely is a troubled weirdo, but he is more than that. He's a nutcase. He's a true nutcase. It is apparent, spending five minutes with him, that he needs to see a shrink.

    Troubled psychiatric case is more accurate than troubled weirdo.

  10. People at the Chicago Symphony have discovered this, and are laughing their ***** off.

  11. This fellow is so ugly, I simply don't know what to say.

  12. LMAO!

    I used to know this asshole in Bloomington, Indiana.