Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hillbilly Hawkeyes

We have been watching college football much of this weekend—hardly an unusual activity in Texas—and doing little else.

On Thanksgiving Day, we watched Texas play Texas A&M.

On Friday, we watched Southern Methodist (my brother’s school) defeat Eastern Carolina in overtime. We also watched the Auburn/Alabama thriller and finished things up with the Boise State/Nevada game (which also went into overtime).

This afternoon we watched the Penn State/Michigan State game as well as kept tabs on the Iowa/Minnesota game.

Tonight we are watching Oklahoma versus Oklahoma State, for my family by far the most important game of the weekend. We are also monitoring Wake Forest’s game against Vanderbilt (my sister’s school, even though she is entirely indifferent on the subject of Vanderbilt’s football fortunes).

We telephoned Andrew’s family to hear about the Minnesota/Iowa game, which Minnesota won in a major upset. Andrew’s father and Alec and Alex had attended the game.

They reported that Hillbilly Hawkeye fans that had made the trip north to Minneapolis were complaining, bitterly, about the cold—as well as complaining about the fact that alcohol is not served in Minnesota’s stadium.

Andrew’s father said that he did not understand the latter complaint, since two-thirds of the Hillbilly Hawkeye fans were already soused when they arrived at the stadium and were hardly in need of another drink.

Unlike two years ago, when Iowa last played Minnesota in Minneapolis, no Hillbilly Hawkeye fans were arrested in stadium washrooms and charged with indecency and public lewdness (there having been so many witnesses two years ago, those charged had been forced to plead guilty).

Iowa certainly has the dumbest fans in the world of sports. Andrew and I are monitoring the meltdown over today’s Iowa loss on, and enjoying the spectacle.

One commenter wrote:

It’s hard not to put a lot of the owness [of the loss] on the players this week.

Andrew and I are laughing ourselves silly.

Even better: another idiot commenter, in an attempt to criticize the intelligence of yet a third idiot commenter that had started a thread entitled, “We Suck”, wrote:

Real Intelligent. [sarcasm intended]

Need to create a filter from ones brain there fingers before they type.

What a waist of space.

Andrew and I are in hysterics, rolling on the floor.

Perhaps it’s time to review the University Of Iowa’s various accreditations?

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