Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As Painlessly As Possible

Andrew and I spent a long Independence Day Weekend in Oklahoma.

On our way to and from Oklahoma, we flew through Dallas-Fort Worth both times. We did so in order that we travel on the same flights to and from Oklahoma City as my aunt and uncle living in Dallas, who joined my family for the long weekend. Booking the same flights saved my parents from having to make two trips to the Oklahoma City airport on Friday and again yesterday.

We did not do much all weekend. Oklahoma was hot and dry, as it often is in July, and we stayed home, visiting, except on Sunday, when we went to Norman for a cookout with numerous family members.

Andrew and I had not seen my family since Thanksgiving, when we had all gathered in Dallas, and it was good to see everyone again. No one was in possession of extraordinary news—we are, on the whole, a rather boring group—but at least we were able to catch up on each other’s minutiae.

My parents and my brother and sister are still talking about our trip last summer to Bavaria and Austria, which they enjoyed very much. They want to go somewhere next summer, too, the excuse being a celebration of my graduation from law school. Paris seems to be the destination of choice.

I hope I don’t flunk out, and spoil things for everyone!

Andrew and I have two long months ahead of us before Labor Day Weekend, when we will travel to Minnesota. We will try to get through the rest of a long Boston summer as painlessly as possible.

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