Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There But For The Grace Of God . . .

Some persons were placed on earth in order to encourage everyone else to feel superior.

One such example—and a very prime one it is, indeed—is America’s most unappealing gay couple, Caleb Cross and James Van Dellen, hailing from Denver, Colorado.

Genuinely, one could not envision two more unattractive, unappealing creatures.

I’ve never seen such clear cases of “chromosomes gone awry” or “genetics gone haywire” in my life.

Are these the two most conspicuous examples of “white trash in its purest form” of all time?

These two goons look like they need to be walked through a car wash, although I am confident they would emerge from the carwash still unclean.

The gross, bulbous nose of the one on the right would, I believe, be most at home in a carnival sideshow. Indeed, it very well might be able to take on a life of its own unattached from the human body.

Whatever motivated these morons to post and circulate such embarrassing pictures of themselves? It is frightening to contemplate whatever must have been going through their witless minds.

One would think that their parents would be mortified over what they have wrought.

However, something tells me that the parents probably have tattoos, too.

The admonition of Justice Holmes lives on.


  1. They look like they're borderline mentally-retarded.

  2. Oh, I know all about James Van Dellen. You are SO right. White trash. White trash. White trash. Trailor court white trash. He attended Grandville High School, in Michigan right outside of Grand Rapids, but he had to leave Michigan after high school because everybody knew him and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He has several personality disorders. He never had any friends all through school. Last I heard, he worked at a radio station in Denver, some low paying job, but I also heard he lost his job. His dad is dead but his mom, Carol Van Dellen, still lives in Grandville. And wait! You’re going to love this! CAROL VAN DELLEN HAS TATTOOS! Amy

  3. BTW, Van Dellen is the one on the right. He's so ugly. He's only 35, and he already has jowls! Amy

  4. Oh, dear. What a pair.

    It is apparent that mental issues are present for both men. People that unattractive figure out as children that their lot in this life will be difficult. Many never learn to adjust. Pity.

    Calvin and I attended Alban Berg's "Lulu" at the ROH. It was a bare-stage production, and not very satisfying. Calvin liked it more than I.

    Drew says you will see the Royal Ballet later this month on its US tour. What will be on the bill?

    With great fondness,


  5. Edythe, we have tickets for "Manon".