Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In addition to Chilehaus, architect Fritz Hoger created for Hamburg a second great example of 1920’s Architectural Expressionism, Broschek-Haus.

Named for the publishing firm that commissioned the building, Broschek-Haus was completed in 1927.

Broschek-Haus is a pure contemporary of Chilehaus. Like its counterpart, Broschek-Haus is marked by intricate brickwork. Indeed, the brickwork of Broschek-Haus is far more detailed and complex than the brickwork of Chilehaus. The patterned brickwork is the building’s chief exterior adornment.

Into the intricate brickwork are embedded hundreds of triangles made from gold. The triangles are supposed to shimmer in sunlight, creating the illusion of a ship bobbing in water.

Broschek-Haus was never fully completed as the architect intended. Among missing decorative elements is a steeple for the layered roof.

The Broschek publishing firm was long ago acquired by Schott. The building now serves as a hotel.

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