Thursday, May 21, 2009


Early tomorrow afternoon, Andrew and I will fly to Oklahoma City. We will spend Memorial Day Weekend with my family. On Saturday morning, we will attend my brother’s high school graduation.

This year will be the first time my high school will conduct commencement exercises on a Saturday morning. In the past, all graduation ceremonies at my high school were conducted in the evening, generally on a Friday night (like last year, when Andrew and I attended my sister’s high school graduation). I do not know the reason for the change, but my parents tell me that scheduling commencements for Saturday morning has become a growing practice in and around Oklahoma City.

Aside from the graduation, we have nothing planned for the weekend. On Saturday, after the ceremony, my parents will host relatives for a gathering dedicated to my brother’s graduation. I’m sure it will be very low-key. My brother is very blasé about the whole thing.

There are no nonstop flights between Boston and Oklahoma City, but Andrew and I were able to obtain a good set of flights, with only one stop each way. We will fly through Cincinnati on the way to Oklahoma and through Atlanta on the way home. Our travel time is scheduled to be only five hours and twenty-seven minutes on the outbound leg of our journey, and only five hours and forty-nine minutes on the return leg. I thought those times were pretty favorable. We could have done far worse.

If our flights are on time, we will be back in Boston five minutes past midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

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