Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Live In A Nation Of Morons

Laughter indeed is the best medicine.

Whenever I feel down in the dumps, I go online and read some damn fool’s rantings and ravings about one thing or another. Invariably, within minutes, I am laughing uncontrollably.

The following, which had Andrew and me in stitches, is from the blog of some poor sod who lives and works in Delaware. He posted this on January 17.

His life truly is a mess, and he explains it fully, in just a few paragraphs.


I am a very angry, and frustrated person. Not the kind of angry where you have to worry about being around me, but the kind of angry that people who are taken advantage of feel.

I am frustrated at my personal situation. The kind of frustration any recently married 28 year old who lives in a room in his parental in-laws’ singlewide trailer would feel. The frustration that accompanies a lack of personal success. The frustration of not being able to support not only yourself, but your wife as well. I know the whole “team” thing is modern thinking, but I am old fashioned enough to want to be able to provide for my family. Failing to be able to do so is personally frustrating.

I am frustrated at my having to sacrifice a future career which I am deeply interested in due to pressures to move on and start my life, instead choosing to learn an occupation which will land me a position that will bring in a livable paycheck sooner.

At the same time, I feel like I am being taken advantage of. Taken advantage of by my wife, who is not pulling her weight to get us into a better situation, claiming a full time school schedule is all she can handle, yet has time and money to go out drinking with friends and shopping while I am paying all of the bills, working full time as well as taking 18 credits in college, and spending as little as possible in order to make ends meet.

Taken advantage of by my in laws, who benefitted from our charity by moving in with them to begin with due to their medical issues and job loss, yet cannot return the favor now that they are back on their feet and our chips are down.

Taken advantage of by my employers, who ask me to be available for the Christmas season for 60+ hours of work during my school break, yet fail to deliver anything beyond my normal full time schedule.

I am angry. I am angry with my wife, who I have opened up my frustrations to, yet has not done anything to help rectify the situation between myself and her parents, my budget and hers, my work schedule and her lack of one.

I am angry with my in laws, who do nothing but piss me off and annoy me on a daily basis. Little things like throwing away my leftovers overnight without asking me, scattering my laundry throughout the house, or failing to hand over my mail so bills may be late. Forget the fact that while I am struggling making the budget balanced, they are taking my “rent” money up to the Harrington Slots. I am not joking either. I have kept track. In the last 5 months, the day I have handed them the money, they left within hours to Harrington.

I am angry with my occupation, because it is cold, dangerous, and life threatening on a daily basis. I am absolutely dreading the amount of danger that we will be in when the weather gets better and the dregs of society come out of their shelter, and decide to target the delivery drivers instead of the stores.

I keep talking myself down. I keep saying that things will get better and I need to be patient. This next year will be better, the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching, I just need to relax and let the time pass.

It’s frustrating.


No doubt!

There are a few pertinent points about the author of the above post that should be noted.

First, he earns his living as a pizza deliveryman for Domino’s.

Second, the “college” he refers to is a trade school, where he takes courses in air conditioning maintenance.

Third, the writer is grossly overweight—he says elsewhere on his blog that his weight is 275 pounds—and his wife is grossly overweight, too, as are his wife’s parents. (He was discharged from the army because of his weight.) How can four such massive blobs possibly live in one singlewide trailor?

Fourth, the guy makes so little money he is exempt from income taxation (but he nonetheless offers reams of advice about the economy and the financial world to his readers).

Fifth, this guy is dumb as a rock, which goes without saying, but it is also clear—from other entries on his blog, as well as from his previous blog (which he discontinued for some reason)—that this guy is a nasty, nasty piece of work. He fully deserves every misfortune that has ever befallen him.

Sixth, this idiot wants a career as a radio talk show host—to discuss politics, of all things!

It is frightening to think there are people like this out there.

We live in a nation of morons.


  1. You, my good man, are an impertinent twit.

    I know the person you are referring to here and is more of a man than you can ever hope to be. Ever. In your entire, putrid, sad and pitiful little life.

  2. Have you read his blog? It's a total hoot. It is also positively frightening.

    Not only does this idiot not have the brains God gave a rubber duck, he is a psychiatric case study. He is in dire need of assistance.

    Mercifully, normal people seldom encounter idiots like that.

    Idiocy at his level of extravagance is, thankfully, rare.