Saturday, March 15, 2008

Plugging Along

Andrew and I have been plugging along.

Both of us had very busy weeks at work, especially Andrew. Andrew is working on several important projects at present, and he is under an incredible amount of pressure. He is under so much pressure that he is talking in his sleep, thrusting his arms and legs about while sleep-talking. It is very worrying for me.

Andrew is one of God’s angels on earth. He was sent here by God to make life more endurable for the rest of us. I hate to have to see him go through this.

Among other things, Andrew is worried about our upcoming move to Boston, although he does not say much about that. He is also worried, I believe, about our Easter visit to Oklahoma, although he says nothing about that, either.

We went to hear Lang Lang Thursday night, and we went to see “Giselle” Friday night. Andrew was so tired that he did not enjoy either performance (although I am not confident that he would have enjoyed either performance even if he had been well-rested). I thought Lang Lang was lame lame, and I thought “Giselle” was a total bore.

Today Andrew and I went over to Andrew’s parents’ house to help his parents get things ready for Easter. We did yard work in the morning, took a nap after lunch, and cleaned upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms for the rest of the afternoon.

We’ll help Andrew’s parents finish things up tomorrow.


  1. How was Giselle?

    I do hope you are well.


  2. I did not care for "Giselle", J.R.

    The mime didn't work, and the dancing didn't work. Everything seemed under-rehearsed, and only the ballerina was worth watching.

    The sound was pre-recorded, and it sounded very bad.

    It was a real loss, all the way around.

    Andrew's mother said that "Giselle" is a very fragile ballet, and that very few performances of "Giselle" are successful. This one was not, either.

    I'm not sure I would ever want to see "Giselle" again.