Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Loot

Desk Clock (my parents)
Book (my mother)
Book (my father)
Necktie (Shelby)
Necktie (Jason)
A Gift Certificate To Ruby Tuesday (my half-siblings)
Wooden Postal Sorting Box (my aunt and uncle from Dallas)
Letter Opener (my aunt and uncle from Norman)
Mouse And Mouse Pad (my aunt and uncle from Enid)
Pen And Pencil Set (my aunt and uncle from El Reno)
2008 Wall Calendar Sampler (my aunt and uncle from Oklahoma City)
Magazine Subscription (my cousin in Saint Louis)
Framed Print (Andrew’s parents)
Book (Alec)
Book (Lizbeth)
Key Chain (Tim)
Book (Alex)
Tennis Racket (Andrew)
Pen And Pencil Set (my office)

Not a bad haul, I’d say.

I think I noticed a couple of themes. First, it appears that people want Andrew and me to put something up on the walls of our apartment! Second, it appears that people think that our computer desk could benefit from a few accessories!

I had a lovely birthday celebration.


  1. Joshie, congratulations on the loot!

    And congratulations on the British Library picking up your site. Will Queen Elizabeth be next?

    Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving, and another wonderful birthday celebration tonight!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Thank you, Paul.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

  3. Congratulations! That is so wonderful that the British Library picked up on your site. But I didn't get to see it, can you put in a link or the url, so we can all see it. And happy belated birthday!