Thursday, October 25, 2007

Working Full-Time Certainly Takes A Substantial Chunk Out Of The Day

Andrew and I have been very busy at work this week.

October is a very busy month at law firms, and things will not slow down until the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays draw nearer.

Andrew has had to work late every night this week, and I have taken advantage of this to work late, too. This gives me plenty of overtime, which I welcome, and it allows us to come home together.

We are going to go to work on Saturday, too, and probably work until mid-afternoon. After work, we will go over to Andrew’s parents’ house and watch college football games and play with the dog and chill out.

Tonight Andrew’s mother called and asked us what we wanted to eat on Saturday night. We told her that we had a taste for baked ham. She asked us what else we had a taste for, and we told her that we had a taste for escalloped potatoes with cream and chives and Brussels sprouts and parsnips and baked red cabbage and a special lemon salad she is famous for. She asked us what we wanted for dessert, and we told her that we had a taste for angel food cake.

It will not be much work for Andrew’s mother because we will chip in and help her prepare everything.

On Sunday afternoon, we are going to go to Saint Paul to hear Jonathan Biss play Beethoven and Janacek at Macalester College. We are looking forward to that.

On Monday, the work will start all over again.


  1. Hi, Josh!

    Try not to overwork yourselves too much.

    At least, one good thing, a feast awaits you and Andrew this weekend!

    Baked ham and angel cake sure smell good! Nothing whets my appetite more than a home-made meal that is created with love.

    Enjoy your weekend, whenever you can.

    Take care, Chanteuse

  2. Thanks, Chanteuse!

    Yeah, a baked ham sounds pretty good right now. Something to look forward to after a hard week of work.

    I hope your weekend is restful and enjoyable!