Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy At Work

Andrew and I are having a boring week, by design.

We have both been busy at work, and working long hours, and happy to tumble into bed early each night. We have been so busy, and so tired, that we skipped basketball night tonight. Neither one of us was up to it.

We have been listening to music, and reading, and chilling out whenever possible.

I had Andrew write about the discs we have been listening to. I still am reluctant to write about music. We have been listening to some very interesting discs (except for that boring disc of Brahms organ music) and, in our latest round of discs, we covered my favorite territory—Bach and brass music—in one disc.

We have nothing on the calendar until Friday evening, when we will attend a Minnesota Orchestra concert with Andrew’s parents. The conductor will be Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, a former Music Director of the Minnesota Orchestra. Skrowaczewski is now one of the world’s grand old men of the podium, and the concert will include Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 and Brahms’s Symphony No. 2. It should be rewarding: music by old masters, in the hands of an old master.

Andrew’s sister-in-law has decided that she does not want to attend the Guthrie Theater presentation of “Jane Eyre” at Thanksgiving, primarily because she would have to go on closing night, which will be her first night home. Consequently, Andrew and I and his parents are all going to go see “Jane Eyre” this Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday, Andrew and I have to go to our offices for half the day. By early afternoon, we hope to be able to leave, and go over to Andrew’s parents’ house and watch college football games.

We have not seen the dog in almost two weeks—not since the Friday before the Columbus Day weekend—and we are starting to miss him and, according to Andrew’s mother, he is missing us. She said that, last weekend, he spent the entire weekend waiting and listening for our car to pull up.


  1. Joshie:

    You make sure you take good care of Drew. I'm really missing him now. I regret you guys left DC. The longer we're out of school, the more I miss him.

    I'm just like Judy.


  2. Paul, Andrew is well taken care of. I can promise you that. Have a good weekend.