Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Fourth Day I Knew Andrew

This is the email message I sent to my friend after my fourth day knowing Andrew. Looking back, it is amazing the things I obsessed over.

Thank you, Silvio. Your "two cents", as you call it, is right on the mark, I believe.

I probably AM making too much of this, but I like Andrew so much that I do not want to give him a reason for not liking me or not liking something about me. That's why I worry about the roommate issue.

Also, having met his roommates and having seen how they all interact, it was pretty clear that HE was the roommate that everyone liked and that HE was the glue that held everything together and that HE was the one that kept everything working smoothly. There is nothing comparable in my living situation.

When it was time to leave his apartment last night, he asked me what time today I would be finished with classes. "Just before two", I answered, and he said "Well, let's get together at three, then--do something, have dinner, and then study together, OK?" "Sure", I said, as if I were going to say anything else!

So we played basketball again this afternoon. When we were finished playing basketball, and were in the shower, he looked at me as he was soaping himself. He looked at me about half the time he was showering. When we were showering on Saturday, he did not look at me, even once, although on Saturday he did look at me while we were toweling off. Today he also looked at me while we were toweling off. His look was a serious one, like he was taking everything in, but he also smiled at me.

When we were getting dressed, as he was pulling things out of his locker, Andrew threw his sweater over my head. I think that was an affectionate gesture--at least that is my interpretation of it. However, he has never once touched me, so I have never touched him. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF THE FACT THAT HE HAS NEVER TOUCHED ME, NEVER EVEN BRUSHED AGAINST ME--except he DID shake my hand when we first met on Friday afternoon, but that does not count.

We ate dinner, and then went to my library. We sat across the table from each other, and every so often he looked up at me and smiled. When he looks at me and smiles, Silvio, I turn to jello!

When he drove me home, I sort of tried to explain my living situation. I told him that my roommates and I were not close, like his roommates. I told him that we share a house, but that's about it, and that there was no organized cleaning and cooking regimen in place. His response was "Well, be glad it's only four more months, then". That's all he said.

Silvio, I asked him what HIS roommates were doing for dinner tonight, since he was the house cook and was gone for the afternoon and evening. He told me that he HAD prepared their dinner for them, and had left written instructions about how long to heat everything. Andrew said his classes had ended today at 1:30 and that he went home and got dinner ready for them before he came over to pick me up. Now, wasn't that nice? That would never happen in my household, where everything is much more hit-or-miss.

Tonight, last thing, he asked me what time my classes were finished tomorrow. I told him that on Tuesday and Thursday, I start at 7:30 and am done at 11:30. His answer was "Good. On Tuesday and Thursday, I am done at 12:30. Why don't you come over? I'll be home by 12:45. I'll fix you lunch, and then show you around campus."

I think that is an excellent sign, Silvio, since tomorrow will be the fourth consecutive day that Andrew has asked to see me (Friday, not arranged by either one of us on our own initiative, does not count).

I just wish he would touch me.

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