Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell To The Bookstore

Tomorrow is my final day of work at the bookstore. In some ways, I will be sorry to have to say “Good-Bye” to the place. Everyone there has been very good to me, and I have liked working there very much. Nevertheless, it is important for me to obtain a real job, with real wages, and real benefits. I begin my new job on Monday, September 17.

Tomorrow after work Andrew and I and his parents will go to the lake. This will be our final visit to the lake this year. We will close down the lake house before we come back home. It will not be very complicated.

This summer I have started to like going up to the lake as many weekends as possible. I am sorry that this will be our final weekend there this summer.

Next week I will have my days free, at least until late Thursday afternoon, when we will all depart for London. Since Andrew and I already have our gear for London fully prepared, ready to go, I think I will go over to Andrew’s parents house during the day next week, and help Andrew’s mother get things prepared for the London trip. I think Andrew’s mother will welcome the assistance. I also think she will welcome the company.


  1. Joshie:

    Have a great time in London! I know you guys will. Say hello to Alex for me. I will be following what you guys will be doing day by day, although Drew said you may switch days depending upon the weather or chuck everything entirely and simply move into the Imperial War Museum.

    So when do I get to hear the whole story of your decision to go to law school instead of graduate school? I've only heard bits and pieces.

    Enjoy your last day at the bookstore.

    Be safe.


  2. Thanks, Paul. I know we will have a great time. Alex says that Andrew knows how to arrange an itinerary better than anyone, and I am sure he is right.

    Our itinerary is just a guide to make use of our time, nothing more. It is subject to constant tinkering and revision, but I don't think we'll end up spending our whole time in the Imperial War Museum! We're saving that for a future visit.

  3. Paul, sometime I'll tell you the whole story behind my decision to go to law school instead of grad school. I talked to a lot of professors at the University Of Minnesota about life in the world of academia. I talked to a lot of lawyers in private practice about life at big firms. Lawyers have more independence and job satisfaction and work in a better environment. They also make more money!

  4. Plus, if I want to write history books, I don't need a job in the world of academia to do so. That was probably the final factor.

    The other final factor was that the quality of people entering the legal profession is much higher than the quality of people entering the world of academia. It was the University Of Minnesota professors I talked to who emphasized that point to me again and again. The quality of people entering academia is not high right now, according to people who work there.

  5. In contrast, everyone who succeeds in getting a job at a top firm is almost by definition top of the line. Everyone at Andrew's firm is extremely bright and has a lot of outside interests and is pretty admirable, all things considered. They also know how to behave themselves, which apparently is not true in the university world.

  6. You made the right decision, Joshie. You can do anything with a law degree. And I'm out of here! Have a good weekend!