Friday, June 15, 2007

Sneak Preview Of Coming Attractions

In September, I will relieve Andrew of his blogging duties. From that point forward, I will be responsible for keeping friends and family members apprised of our activities.

I am more direct than Andrew, and I value bluntness, but I will do my best to keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on.


  1. I'm pleased to be the first commenter (or is it commentator) on your portion of the blog. It'll be interesting to get your perspective on life, art, books, music, and Drew.

    It's hard to imagine that you'll be more blunt than Drew. His commentary seems pretty hard-nosed to me. Maybe you'll use the word "nice" less often than he does. ;>)

    Anyway, good luck as you ponder your future. In general, I don't think that the U.S. needs more lawyers - but we may need more lawyers like you and Drew.

  2. David In KC:

    Thank you for posting on my blog. I am honored. I am pleased that you are the first commenter on my blog.

    I will not start blogging regularly until the middle of September.

    Andrew is hard-nosed? I don't think so. I think he is often too moderate in his writing. Sometimes I think he is far too kind about things, and I think that this is because good manners have been pounded into him since birth.

    Does Andrew use the word "nice" too often? If so, that is because he is so nice. He is the nicest person I ever met. Everyone loves him. Everyone is very protective of him. If anything, people are too protective of him. His family is protective of him. His friends are protective of him. People at church are protective of him. Our landlady is protective of him. People at his law firm are protective of him. Andrew has known nothing but protection and kindness his whole life.

    I am not protective of Andrew (but I am kind to him, naturally). I don't think Andrew needs protection. He is a very strong person, and more than capable of taking care of everything himself.

    If anything, Andrew is protective of me. I am more emotionally volatile than Andrew, and I have come to rely upon Andrew's steadfastness and strength. He is the strong one. He is the care giver, and a good one.

    However, I'll talk to him about overuse of the word "nice".

    Thank you for posting on my blog.


  3. I just yesterday found J and A's blog by luck iin search of a Google search for a (classical) critic for The New York Sun, a Fred Kirshnet. The writer had trashed the Met opening of MADAMA BUTTERLY in his review. Those in attendance on the list, a fairly large number, wanted to find out who this guy, the critic, was.*

    So I ventured to find out. One of the hits led me to "JoshuaAndAndrew" who were very aware of Mr. K, revealing much of what I was trying to find for a Manhattan-based list for opera devotés: I know the opera-l people would love to read your penetrating remonstrance to Mr. K.

    So, I need some tech info how to find the URL for the amazing setdown to Mr. K that you sent to him several months ago.

    When I google I find this "page" and can read for myself this "article" but I cannot turn it into a link to send to opera-l list so the 2,000+ membership interested in this guy.

    It must have something to do with archiving since it is a previous year when Andrew wrote it. Any help you can give me greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I am very interested in your blog, and intense interest in the humanities, that I plan to follow the blog and have already recommended it to my friends on the list.

    Jonathan Dorsch
    San Francisco

    *I don't want to leave the impression that BUTTERFLY would be a typical interest on opera-l but it had much interest since the soprano has recently been toasted in a number of cities before NYC.

    If you're interested in Mr. K's review, you can find it in the NY Sun, you'll quickly see it's a very negative whack job that would not be all that rare in NYC. This one is strangely alarming in its tone.

  4. Jonathan:

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I have just republished Andrew's article. This should solve any address-and-link difficulties.

    The article should now be easily available at:

    Thank you again for your kind comments.